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In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Obituaries can be seen by clicking on names that are underlined.



Jean Bish Noyes Powers 9/7/03

Edward Casey 1/14/88

Dennis Connor 9/28/88

Sandra Cooper Girouard 1/88 (?)

David Gerardin 6/19/83

Diane Gut Allen 2/4/94

Leona Kelly 1/16/68

Richard Loconto 4/21/96

Bernard Morin 3/2/04

Edwin Ohman 3/10/03

Joan Perras Fontaine 10/12/1982

Bruce Tessier 8/65

Patricia Vaillancourt Forget 1/23/07

Donna Mae Whitney Mullin-Sbrogna 9/7/02



Teachers and Administrators:

Mr. Wallace Johnson (Vice Principal) 1/2/2011

Miss Dorothy Droney (French and Spanish) 4/15/2010

William Novick (English) 12/11/2005

Mr. Daniel Alvino (Principal) 1969

Mr. Harold Andrews (Industrial Arts and our Class Advisor) 1990

Miss Phyllis Cole (English) and Mrs. Edith Lowell (Math) 1968

Mrs. Eileen Lucier (7th Grade English) 2002

Mrs. Gladys Temple (Business) 1986

Miss Mary Miner (English) 1978

Miss Ruth Gordon (Business) 1978

Mr. E. Belknap Emery (Math) 1993

Mr. Theodore Lekas 4/6/2007



If you know of other classmates who have passed on or if you have copies of obituaries,

please let me know.