Debbie Stidsen Wasmann

Being the first to sign the Guestbook

Beth Fallon Mason

Being the first to send in a class photo

Butch Gendron

Emailing photos and clippings

Amy Nason Callihan

Sending photos via the web and braving a flood on her way to the webmistress's house

Judy Boutiette Zaleski

Emailing photos and proving Ron Thompson did exist

Ron Bourget

Using his technical skills and time at work to email Judy's photos

Nancy Hospod Lemoine

Sending obituaries and numerous Fisherville photos, including the adorable and pious First Communion Group

Tom Clapp

Remembering where the 5th reunion was, verifying that the second grade teacher at Norcross was Miss Withstandley (whose nephew is now his neighbor) and adding and correcting Norcross names





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