45th Reunion, September 24-25, 2005


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 These classmates attended the reunion :

Jean Benoit Dibner, Bill Dowd, Jim Magill, Martha Wood Trepanier,
Sheila Kelley Ide, Rita Jones Whiting, Bernice Popek Martin, Glenn Anderson,
Gail Peterson Bergin, Marie Danielson Langdon, Brian Langdon,
Nan Wiegersma, Tom Clapp, Holly Clark Miller, Sally Kelley Belezarian,
Beth Fallon Mason, Gail Johnson Keith, Charlie Corey,
Janine Wasiuk Trainor, JoAnne Wasiuk Shaffer, Annette LeBoeuf Fontaine,
Debbie Stidsen Wassman, Nancy Hospod Lemoine, Robert Lemoine,
Priscilla Marean Spencer, Don Davison, Marilyn McKay Flynn,
Calvin Phillips, Bill Therrien, Paul Letourneau,
Ann Marie Rossetti Malvey, Sandy Stone Hannon, Harland Hannon--34

 Here's What Happened

 Saturday evening: 6:00, Buffet Dinner and Reunion Fun
at the Grafton Inn
attended by 34 classmates and 8 guests

Sunday morning: 9:30, Breakfast at the Post Office Pub,
North Grafton
attended by 20 classmates and guests

Also Sunday: 11:30, A Nostalgic Bus Tour
leaving from the high school
attended by18 classmates and guests


Class Trivia

Where do we live?

AZ 1, CA 3, CT 3, DC 1, FL 10, MA 59 (including 27 in Grafton), ME 4, NC 1,
NH 4, NM 1, OR 1, RI 2, SD 1, TX 1, VA 1, WV 1

Thanks to our Class Heroes!

Those who have generously contributed to the class treasury in 2005:

Glenn Anderson
Jean Benoit Dibner
Tom Clapp
Holly Clark Miller
Marie Danielson Langdon and Brian Langdon
Bill Dowd
Beth Fallon Mason
Gail Johnson Keith
Rita Jones Whiting
Sally Kelley Belezarian
Sheila Kelley Ide
Judy LaForce Bakal
Jim Magill
Marilyn McKay Flynn
Gail Peterson Bergin
Calvin Phillips
Christina Rawley
Kathleen Shaughnessy Nolan
Nan Wiegersma
Janine Wasiuk Trainor
John Wilson